How Corporate Social Responsibility Affects the Aspects of Human Resources Management

  • Koukoumpliakos Ioannis


The aim of this study was the research of the correlation between corporate social responsibility and two aspects of human resource management, which are employees’ commitment and their job satisfaction. This is an issue that was studied on the one hand, through literature review and on the other hand through primary quantitative research. Through literature review, secondary data were collected. They are information that were presented by other researchers, scholars or academics. The primary quantitative research was based on a fully structured questionnaire which was distributed to Greek companies that operate in service sector. The research sample consists of 220 Greek people that are occupied in a variety of job positions, such as directors, managers, chiefs and other employees of Greek companies of service sector. Through the questionnaire, the researcher collected data about four dimensions of corporate social responsibility, of organizational commitment of the employees and of their job satisfaction. Research results showed that corporate social responsibility is moderately implemented by Greek companies of service sector and also moderate are the levels of employees’ job satisfaction and organizational commitment. All the dimensions of corporate social responsibility showed a positive and statistically significant correlation with organizational commitment. In general, corporate social responsibility is related with job satisfaction, but its two dimensions that were statistically significant and positively correlated with all the dimensions of job satisfaction were corporate social responsibility to social and non-social stakeholders and to employees. These two dimensions were the less implemented ones by Greek companies of service sector. The most implemented dimension of corporate social responsibility was the one to government, which means that Greek companies are typical according to their obligations to the Greek state. Thus, they have to further emphasize on increasing the implementation of the other three dimensions of corporate social responsibility, i.e. the corporate social responsibility to social and non-social stakeholders, to customers and to employees.